About us

who we are, what we do & why we do it

It was 13 years ago, 2009. The long years of bad press that kept Belgrade as well as our country off the map have now passed, and foreigners are now realising what we always knew – that Serbia is really beautiful. As more and more people were coming to Serbia, we wanted to make sure that you see the real value and the real spirit of our country. We were then just couple of friends and students, but we had everything we needed for the job - enthusiasm, knowledge and love for our country. So, our mission began!

Now, Belgrade Walking Tours is a group of licensed, professional tour guides who have worked together in tourism for almost a decade. We had more than 100.000 people on our tours and we are happy to have you too! We will guide you not only through streets of the "White City", but through any part of our country, telling you secrets, fun stories and old forgotten tales that you won't hear on other tours. We'll be glad to take you to the best bars and clubs and provide you with possibility to experience and explore much more....

Everybody is welcome to be our friend, independent of age, nationality, religion or race!