Free 20th Century Tour

The Republic Square, the Albania palace, Terazije square, National parliament, Belgrade city assembly and presidency, Tasmajdan park, the Saint Marko church, Russian Orthodox church, Radio-Television of Serbia - 1999 NATO bombing memorial, the monuments "Why?" and "We were just children", the Faculty of Law, passing Nikola Tesla museum, walk through beautiful Vračar streets to Slavija square, National library of Serbia and glorious Saint Sava temple.

Every day @ 10.30am during the whole year


  • Do I need to book this tour?
    No, this tour is guaranteed, therefore no need to book it.
  • How long does the tour last?
    Usually around 2.5 hours, more or less.
  • Where do we finish the tour?
    In front of the Saint Sava temple, 20 minutes away from the Republic Square.

Meeting point

The tour starts from the Republic Square, behind the monument. Our guides will be wearing yellow IDs or shirts/sweaters, hats or umbrella. Just look for something yellow around the monument :)