Jewish Tour

Discover the history of Jewish nation in Belgrade during the II World War by visiting Jewish Community and museum. Enter Belgrade Synagogue. Step into the Sajmiste and Jajinci – the most important sites of execution and imprisonment during The War and see the monuments dedicated to the people who gave their lives for freedom. Learn about famous Jewish people who lived in Belgrade and contributed in development of our country.

Available upon request.
Participation: 20€ (includes pick up from accommodation, transport, guide and tickets)


  • Do I need to book this tour?
    Yes, this tour requires booking. Please book no later than 7pm the day before.
  • Where do I pay?
    You can pay to your guide when you meet them.
  • How long does the tour last?
    Tour should last around 4.5 to 5 hours, although it depends on many factors such as traffic, number of people on the sights and so on.
  • Is this tour done by foot?
    No, as many sights are far away, we do this tour by van.