Hiking on Rtanj mountain

Hike on Serbia’s most mysterious mountain – Rtanj. The one which belongs to the Serbian Carpathians and whose highest peak Šiljak is 1,565m.

According to a legend, the castle of a wizard was situated on its top, in which a great treasure was guarded. However, the castle has disappeared within the mountain, trapping the wealthy sorcerer inside. Nowadays, there are ruins of a little chapel on the peak dedicated to St. George. It was built in 1932 by the wife of a former local miner. Today, the chapel is in ruins, as it was partly destroyed by dynamite, when treasure hunters tried to find the hidden gold.

For some New Age believers, the pyramidal shape of the mountain is due to it containing an alien pyramid emitting mystical energies. Many people have flocked here prior to the predicted Mayan Doomsday, believing it will protect them.

Word of advice: Please bring appropriate shoes for hiking, extra t-shirts, a lot of water, sunscreen & some hat.

Regular tour: 119€
If you would like a private tour, we can organize one for you. Please contact us.

What will you see?

  • Rtanj mountain

What is included?

  • Pick up from your accommodation
  • Entrance fees
  • Professional Tour guide
  • Drop off at your accommodation

Meeting point

We will pick you up from your accommodation. We'll work out the details once you call us or send us an email.
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  • Do I need to book this tour?
    Yes, please book no later than 6pm the day before.
  • Is this tour available whole year round?
    No, due to the nature of the tour, it is only available from April 1st until October 31st.
  • How long does the tour last?
    We start the tour between 7-8am and should finish around 9pm. However, it depends on many factors, one of which is traffic.
  • How long is the hike?
    Hike is about 15km in both directions. It takes up to 3.5h to climb up and around 2h to go down.