Subotica - the culture of Vojvodina

Austro - Hungarian charm still exists!

We travel north where it is still possible to find remains of Austro - Hungarian influence even a century after they vanished. Let’s go to our first destination, city of Subotica. As we visit city center we will see wonderful architecture from the times of 19th and 20th century that makes city of Subotica one of the most beautiful in Serbia. City hall building is a crown jewel surrounded with main city square around which are buildings that are former banks, insurance companies, pharmacies and, of course, numerous taverns in which many poets and artists spent their “productive days”.

Just next to the city of Subotica there is wonderful Lake Palić where we will take a small break and enjoy nature.

So called “Salaš” is Vojvodina’s most authentic institution, originally place where workers rested after long hours of work in the fields in the summer, nowadays they became a place to “run away” from city bustle. We are visiting Majkin salaš that is a true ethno park where you have a chance to see how Vojvodina peasant house looked like during the times of Austro-Hungarian reign, if you get hungry you can also try some typical dishes and authentic rakijas and wines as well as to hear local music. Vojvodina food is a mix of Hungarian, Romanian, Ottoman and of course, Serbian cuisine.

Meet the North of Serbia its flat lands and curvy history.

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What will you see?

  • Subotica city center
  • Palic lake
  • Salas

What is included?

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  • Professional tour guide
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  • Do I need to book this tour?
    Yes, please book no later than 6pm the day before.
  • Is this tour available whole year round?
    Yes, this tour is available regardless of the time of the year.
  • How long does the tour last?
    We start the tour between 7-8am and should come back around 8-9pm. However, it depends on many factors, one of which is traffic.