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Murals and Graffiti Tour

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Belgrade, as the capital of Serbia, is also a mirror of the country itself, where different ideas and worldviews about the world and itself are refracted. The most vivid presentation of the diversity of our city can be seen on the street art tour.

Our public art is an aspect of Belgrade’s urban life. Our outdoor art was created spontaneously, emotionally, and quickly (graffiti) and in a complex, thorough and thoughtful way (murals). Both artistic expressions have certainly become an unavoidable part of our everyday life, raising the awareness of passers-by about social, political, climatic, or spiritual needs, or they are there to remind us about “l’art pour l’art” (art for art’s sake).

In order to penetrate into artistic expressions and its social, educational, and engaged value, let’s walk the streets with local guides and listen to the past, present, and future painted on the walls of our city.

Let’s learn about the beginnings of mural painting in the city in the 1980s, from famous Yugoslav professors and painters (like Cedomir Cupic and Vladimir Velickovic) to modern young artists and art collectives (like TKV, Pijanista, Artez, the KURS association, etc.) Through their murals, we will learn what values they wanted to present to us, how difficult it is to paint tall residential buildings or silos, what materials they use in their work, and how they can even reduce air pollution. A large number of details, starting from the old Slavic tradition to the contemporary punk fan scene or feminism, will be explained to you on the most colorful tour in the city.

What will you see

  • Upper Dorcol
  • Dorcol platz
  • Lower Dorcol
  • Old silos
  • Savamala district with Karadjordjeva street

What's included

  • Pick up from your accommodation
  • Professional tour guide
  • Drop off at your accommodation


This tour is available every day all year round. Please contact us for more information.

Jun 22 Saturday
Jun 23 Sunday
Jun 24 Monday
Jun 25 Tuesday
Jun 26 Wednesday
Jun 27 Thursday

Meeting point

Our guides will pick you up at your accommodation.