Wed & Sun @ 3pm

Underground Secrets of Belgrade

The Republic Square
2.5-3 hrs

The hidden objects and cruel history!

Visit the Roman well, a military bunker from Tito’s period, and an Austrian gunpowder storehouse with Roman sarcophagi, sacrificial altars, and tombstones. You will hear the stories about the oldest city center.

Visit caverns in which the food was stored and a wine cellar from the 19th century with FREE WINE at the end.

Many legends surround the Roman Well, one of Belgrade’s most mysterious attractions, built at the beginning of the 18th century, during the baroque reconstruction of the fortress. The well is 51m deep, with 3m in diameter and two spiral staircases that connect at a depth of about 35 meters forming a DNA-like shape. Alfred Hitchcock visited the well in 1964 and said that an environment like that was always a treat for him.

A military bunker takes us into the mid-50s and the period of the Cold War. The bunker was never used for its original purpose.

The Austrian gunpowder storehouse also known as Barutana is a man-made cave, built in the 16th century. We will show you Byzantine and Roman sarcophagi, gravestones, and statues in the display room of the Lapidarium.


This tour is available Wed & Sun @ 3pm.

Jul 21 Sunday
Jul 24 Wednesday
Jul 28 Sunday
Jul 31 Wednesday
Aug 4 Sunday
Aug 7 Wednesday

Meeting point

The tour starts from the Republic Square, behind the monument. Our guides will be wearing yellow IDs or shirts/sweaters, hats or umbrella.